American Roulette and the Double Zero

American Roulette in Casino

We all know that the European “little wheel” has better RTP than the American one. The green pocket on the roulette wheel exists so that the house can secure its profit. Look at the green pocket as casinos’ insurance method — that pocket secures the house edge. Naturally, the more zeros there are on the wheel, the lower the RTP, and the house keeps more money. So the question is — should you avoid American roulette at all costs? Can any good come out of two zeros on one wheel? Let’s answer these questions and see if betting on zeros can increase your odds of winning.

Types of Bets in Double-Zero Roulette

American Roulette in CasinoIf you know the rules of European roulette, you pretty much already know the rules of American roulette. There are just tiny differences between these to casino games — in American roulette, you can’t use “call bets,” and in European roulette, you can’t bet on five numbers. Also, since the American wheel has two zeros, you can bet on both of them, while in the European version, you can bet, naturally, only on one zero. All other betting rules are pretty much the same. Let’s take a look at an overview of these roulette rules.

  • You can bet on a single number, including zero.
  • You can choose to put your faith in two numbers and take a chance with a split bet. You can also put your money on both zeros.
  • Now, in roulette, you can increase your chances of winning some money by betting on a certain group of numbers. This means that you can bet on a dozen, column, six numbers, four, three, five numbers; you can bet on a row, on high numbers, low numbers, on odd numbers, even numbers, or on a red or black color.

In general, in roulette, you have two types of bets — those that are riskier, and they are called inside bets; and those that are a bit safer, and they are called outside bets. For each and every one of these bets, your chances are better in European roulette. All roulette players know this — the RTP in American, double-zero roulette is always lower, both on average, and in single bet types. So are there some strategies that you can use to win money in American roulette? Let’s go through all popular techniques.

Betting on a Zero in American Roulette

When you bet on a zero, you are placing a simple straight bet, just as you would with betting on any other single number. In this case, when you put your money on one zero, you have 1/35 odds of winning. You would have these same chances with any other straight bet. So betting on a zero can pay out, if you win, of course. But are there some other good reasons why you should bet on a zero?

There is a belief among some gamblers that betting on a zero is smart because the house “bets” on zero too. However, this is no more than a legend since no reputable casino would stoop so low to attempt to rig the game. Casinos win because math always helps them; they don’t need any other help. Thus, betting on a zero out of this superstition is the wrong approach — you should bet on a zero only if you “feel” that the ball is going to land there. Putting your faith in some gambling legends such as this one is just going to disappoint you.

Betting on Both Zeros in American Roulette

If you bet on two zeros in American roulette and win, you are going to have a 17/1 payout. Betting on both zeros in roulette is quite a popular “strategy” — the payout is smaller than for a straight bet, but the odds seem much higher. However, some experienced gamblers believe that it is better to bet on neighboring numbers, rather than on zeros, due to their position on the wheel. Zeros on the wheel are one across the other, so when you place a split bet on two zeros, you are not betting on adjacent numbers.

Betting on double zero

Aside from this, your chances are 2/38, and the payout is 17/1. So, basically, a split bet in American roulette is not that interesting — too much risk for a low payout. However, some players see betting on both zeros as a “safe” move, a good way to secure your money. Even though statistics don’t entirely support this approach, one can always argue this method is not bad in the long term — eventually, the ball will fall into some green pocket, and then you can have 17x your bet.

Securing Your Odds — Using Zero as a Side Bet

Betting on a zero in the form of a side bet is the only double-zero roulette strategy that makes sense. This way, you can secure yourself in case the ball lands on the green, and at the same time, place an outside wager. In this case, you would gamble with a lot lower payouts than you would with straight bets. However, even though you would play for less money, you would play with better odds.

The thing with this “row” bet, where you bet at the same time on a group of numbers and a zero, is that it makes your chances the same as you’d have in European roulette. So this strategy is reasonable, and it does increase your chances of keeping some money, but at the same time, this strategy provides you with the same conditions that European roulette would give you. This is the best strategy for double-zero roulette, but it’s still a lot (twice) worse than placing a Neighbours of Zero bet in European roulette.

Final Thoughts

In the eternal battle between double-zero wheels and single-zero wheels, the wheel with one zero will always emerge victoriously. The European wheel is more player-friendly. However, many casinos in the USA don’t have European roulette wheels — this is why it is so important to learn about double-zero roulette strategies. Your best chances are to increase your odds by betting on one zero alongside your main bet. This way, you would make your chances equal with the chances of a European roulette player. A roulette table that has both 0 and 00 is not that generous, but as we’ve seen, there is a way of increasing your odds at this table. However, all roulette games operate on luck, so you never know — the American roulette wheel can make you a rich man or woman if you are fortunate enough.