Blackjack’s Biggest Frenemy — How to Play Baccarat


Baccarat has cemented its position as one of the most reputable and beloved casino card games. The only game that beats it up is Blackjack, and that is only thanks to its unbelievably low house edge. House edge on Blackjack is usually 0.5%, while with Baccarat, it stands at 1% and sometimes, 1.4%. Nevertheless, if you play any of these two games, your winning chances will increase — and whether you choose one or the other depends on you. Although quite similar, Baccarat comes with a twist and excitement Blackjack seems to be lacking, at least according to most players. So are you ready to learn a game so many gamblers swear upon?

Baccarat Is Straightforward

This game is extremely easy to learn, and thanks to its simplicity, Baccarat keeps attracting gamblers from all backgrounds. This game can result in three outcomes: Player win (Players bet), banker win, and a tie. One important thing for you to know is that banker doesn’t represent the house; it only means that the participants can bet on the banker’s hand or the player’s hand. Betting on the banker or the player can sometimes bring you some hefty sums of money.

If you wish to bet on the banker’s hand, you have to put in your bet before the cards are dealt. The same goes for the player’s hand. Before you actually get to play Baccarat, you should know about all the rules and what the worth of cards is. Additionally, you can always practice the game of Baccarat for free on multiple websites before you start playing for real money.

Baccarat Rules

The main thing to know about Baccarat is that it is as easy as it gets. You’ve probably picked up on the name in one of the James Bond movies, and they probably did convince you it’s very complicated. But that’s not because of the game itself; it’s probably because they spoke French in the scene. Unlike Baccarat, French is extremely difficult to master — but they do go hand in hand, so maybe try to challenge yourself.

First things first, what’s the worth of cards in Baccarat? Well, face cards, such as Queen, King, and Jack, are worth zero points. This does come as an odd rule considering their usual worth in Blackjack and many other poker games. But there is a legitimate reason hiding behind this, and you’ll see it once we get on with the rules. The Ace card is worth one point, and all the other cards’ worth is according to their numbers. So if you get two cards, a 5 and 4, your outcome is 9, which also means you’ve won the round.Baccarat Game

Now that you know how much each card is worth, here are some ground Baccarat rules you need to follow. In Blackjack, the magic number is 21, while in Baccarat, it is 9. Additionally, you don’t need to have a 9 in order to win; anything closer to it will do the trick. In case your cards outcome is higher than 9, for example, you get a 10 and 7, then only the last digit counts — in this case, you get 17, which means your total is 7.

Although you always get two cards, there is a third-card rule that all online casinos and ground-based casinos alike tend to follow. If your cards outcome is between 0 and 5, it means you’re eligible for a 3rd card. The same rule applies to the dealer, so beware of that. In the end, the winning hand should have the outcome of 9 or the closest to that number. As mentioned before, participants can bet on both the banker and player. However, Baccarat lets you bet on a Tie as well. Betting on a tie means that you’re hoping for a scenario where both dealer and player have the same results. Although putting your hopes into a tie is a tad risky, the payout is 1:8, which can win you a lot of money.

Natural Win

While playing this game, you will often hear the term “natural win,” and the sooner you realize what it is, the better for you. When the dealer is dealing the cards, and if your hand total is automatically 9, that is a natural win. In this scenario, the round immediately ends with you as the winner. Please note that, although seemingly small, there is a chance that both sides get a natural win. Of course, this also ends with a tie.

What Is Mini Baccarat?

You’ve probably seen a lot of Mini Baccarat tables upon walking into a casino or logging to one online. Mini Baccarat is exactly what you’re thinking — a smaller, miniature version of Baccarat. Consider it a long lost child of the parent game. A lot of people play it at home, although many choose to do so at a casino. The rules in Mini Baccarat are more or less the same other than the fact that the house takes more provision, and your chances of winning are somewhat lower. Either way, due to its popularity, it is definitely worth a mention in this text.

You’re the New James Bond

One of the skills every James Bond actor had to pick up on was playing Baccarat. And considering how, after this text, you’ll probably be a master in this game, you might as well be our new agent 007. On a more serious note, try playing this game once you master it; it can be good for your ego, and you’ll be a high roller in no time.