Bubble Bubble 2 Game Review

Bubble Bubble 2 Game Review

RealTime Gaming released a new amazing slot back in 2017 — the fun, occult, and attractive video slot Bubble Bubble 2. This slot is all about magic, dark arts, pretty witches, and a lot of bonuses! Bubble Bubble 2 has five reels and as many as 50 paylines. The game is very generous towards players; it has three free-spins bonus rounds and wild multipliers that can go up to 9x. Bubble Bubble 2 has an astonishing jackpot that can increase your wager 9,000 times!

This RTG video slot has a nice RTP of 96.2%, which is pretty high for an online slot game. Even though the game offers $25 Free Bonus, and a lot of free spins and multipliers, it’s not easy to trigger these bonus features — you’re going to need to be patient! However, it’s not a difficult task to spend some time waiting for lucky bonuses since the game has a fantastic design and captivating art.

You can play Bubble Bubble 2 both on your mobile phone and PC. Bubble Bubble 2 video slot features various Scatter and Wild Symbols and has an Autoplay option. When three or more Scatter Symbols appear in the lucky order (left to right), three different features can be unlocked. The first feature is the Wilder Witches Feature, the second one is Greater Ghost Feature, and the third one is Ultra Bewitched Feature. The minimum coin size for this video slot is $0.25, while the maximum coin size is $12.5.

Hex and the Fifty… Paylines

Even though this RTG video slot is very generous and fun to play, still, the best thing about it is its design. The game is set in a dark, yet playful world of witchcraft, magic, and horror. When you spin the reels, the classic horror and witchcraft symbols are going to decide your fate — there are bats, owls, candles, black cats, witches’ hats, rats, the book of magic titled “Joy of Hex,” potions, goats, and of course, the seductive, cute witches!

When you play the slot, be on a lookout for magic wands and beautiful witches — they are going to unlock the best features! Before your game starts, the venomous spider will uncover your options, and then, the dark, magical fun begins. Bubble Bubble 2 is yet another great RTG slot, with many paylines and a high jackpot. The game has terrific concept art, and it’s a hell of fun!