Strip Poker — When Regular Poker Simply Isn’t Enough

Strip Poker game

So you’re an enthusiastic gambler who’s seen it all — you got tired of playing all the games in the casino. You won a lot of money playing slots, you’ve lost against some serious card players, and Roulette stopped giving you the rush. Well, fear not because there is always room for one more game that promises to provide you with an exhilarating experience. Strip Poker appeared nearly a century ago in a game called Kamapoker — an interesting mixture of Kamasutra and poker.

Time to Loosen Things up a Bit With Strip Poker

The rules to strip poker are actually quite simple because they match the rules of any poker variation you would like to play the most. So if you’re a fan of Texas Hold’em, you can turn that into a strip version. Who knew that a plain old card game could have such an exciting turn of events? Here’s another interesting fact about strip poker — you don’t bet money, you bet clothes instead. Every time you have the weakest hand, you take off one item of clothing.

Ladies, in case you ever wish to play, please note that in strip poker, jewelry doesn’t count as clothing. However, socks do! So that’s one rule that can buy you plenty of time to teach that guy over the table who’s been trying to see you without clothes a lesson. Although it follows the rule of the variation you choose, Strip Poker comes with a handful of its own rules. And believe it or not, you can play strip poker online as well. In this online game, all you need is a proper camera and a reputable website that will keep your privacy safe. So please make sure you do your research thoroughly.

What Are These Distinctive Rules?

When it comes to playing the game of strip poker, you can do it three ways:

  • Quick strip poker
  • Medium strip poker
  • Slow strip poker

Naked Guy in PokerAs you probably imagined, this mostly refers to how long a game should last. Therefore, the rules change in accordance with that.

For example, in quick-paced strip poker, at the end of each round, all the players need to show their hands consisting of five cards each. The player with the strongest hand doesn’t remove any clothes at all, but the losing players remove one piece of clothing. Due to this, the pace of the game is very fast — it’s all about poker hands and how good they are.

Since strip poker is basically a game of chance, the medium version changes the rules a little bit. To be more clear, only one player with the worst hand has to take a piece of clothing off at the end of the round. In both of these versions, the whole point is to make sure that at least one player removes all the clothes. So the amount of clothing thrown on the floor better be piled up!

If you were wondering what happened with the chips, don’t worry, this is where they come in. Slow strip poker is probably the version of this game that you’ve witnessed the most. They often play it in comedy movies and sitcoms — like that one popular episode of Friends. Remember how they all tricked Joey into taking it all off merely because he didn’t know the rules? If you don’t wish to end up like him, learn your rules first.

In the slow version, players have chips, but they are still allowed to bet a clothing item should they want to continue playing and raise a bet. Needless to say, this version is slow because you’ll probably be playing with veterans. It can take ages before someone even takes a sock off — but imagine the excitement!

Strip Poker Variations

Believe it or not, even strip poker can be spiced up and become edgier than simply removing clothes. Some players like to combine the game of Truth or Dare with this card game.

How does it work? Well, just like in any poker game, a player can fold in this one as well. Now, it wouldn’t be ok for that player to go unpunished. So if one of them wishes to fold, they will have to pay the ultimate sacrifice of truth or dare. That is the only way to save the piece of clothing. Of course, do keep in mind that you cannot get a clothing item back. Once you take it off, it’s gone for good.

Tips and Tricks

Although strip poker really is a relaxed game that you can play with the funniest people around you, it still has some ground rules you need to respect. They exist to ensure that all the players feel comfortable.

Make the Atmosphere Good

Make the room in which you play as comfortable as possible — dim the lights, add some pillows, light some scented candles. Additionally, you could play fun music in the background so it will also help people to relax. Remember to heat the room — people will be sitting there in nothing but their underwear. And in case you’re somewhere in California, turn the AC on.

Make It a Fun Experience

If you’re the host, you’re in charge of making sure things don’t get awkward. Even though we play strip poker with open-minded people, at the end of the day, everyone’s being exposed. This can make things odd sometimes — hence why you’re there to make sure this risk doesn’t exist. So try to make things fun; try to turn it into a spectacle. Or better, try to make it into an event with a reward. For example, the winner gets to take a piece of clothing of one other person home. This could start up a romance!

Strip Poker Is Fun

That’s what it all boils down to — having fun in the most healthy way possible. So once you get tired of traditional poker, but you still want to play five-card draw, then try stripping it down. As I said, it has the same poker rules as any other game out there. Additionally, there are a lot of strip poker sites which you can join and have fun with other poker players at. Make sure you’re safe and don’t dress to impress.