Wheels of Wealth and Good Time

Wheels of Wealth Fortune Online

A lot of things can bring you good fortune and wealth in a casino — cards, dice, one-armed bandits, and of course, wheels! The spinning wheel can decide your fate in two popular games of chance. One is, of course, the classic casino game of Roulette. The other one is Wheel of Fortune, simple yet exciting game of chance that can be often seen on fairs and carnivals. Both of these gambling wheels can bring you a lot of money, and a lot of quality fun. But how much can you win on these wheel casino games? What are you odds of winning in Roulette and Wheel of Fortune? Are gambling wheels tricky or generous?

The Game of Roulette — The Devilish Fu

Did you know that Roulette was invented in France back in the 18th century? Did you know that the one-zero European roulette was perfected in Germany? How about the numbers on the roulette wheel, did you know that they add up to 666? Maybe that’s because it is hard as hell to win that straight bet on a roulette wheel and walk home rich!

Roulette Game Old

There are many legends about how can you manipulate Roulette. Since this game doesn’t require any strategy, these manipulation techniques usually come down to betting methods. So the main principle in all of these tricks is always to increase your bet if you are losing so that you can eventually cover all your losses. Now, since playing Roulette is pure gambling, nothing can guarantee you that you will eventually win. This way, if you always increase your bets, you can end up losing all of your money. Of course, there is still a possibility that you are going to win at some point and save your budget, but that’s just a possibility — in Roulette, everything is just that, a mere possibility.

Myths, Strategies, and the Truth About Roulette

Besides this old betting strategy, there are many myths that you can spot a certain fault in a roulette wheel and exploit it. Now, even though many claims that they won thanks to this trickery, you need to have in mind that modern casinos check and maintain their equipment regularly. The chances that there is something wrong with the wheel, and that due to that fault wheel “prefers” numbers on one side, and that you will manage to spot this, are very low. So we can talk about this “trick” more as of a legend, a fun fact, or an interesting tale — it shouldn’t be understood as some bulletproof technique.

So if there is no truth to any of these trickeries, how do you win at Roulette? Well, simply by having a lot of luck! After all, isn’t that a point of gambling? Is that a source of all wild excitement and adrenaline rush? Is that the reason why gambling is so fun? The fact that there is no method of beating Roulette shouldn’t spoil the fun — on the contrary, it should increase it! The spinning roulette wheel can make you rich in a matter of seconds, and that’s what should make your heart race, not thinking about strategies. Plus, Roulette is a game that offers amazing rewards. You can win as much as 35x your wager! Isn’t that amazing? Now, let’s meet another generous game with a gambling wheel!

Wheel of Fortune in CasinoWheel of Fortune — Spin the Wheel to Win Money

Some people believe that you can study the rhythm and the pace by which the croupier spins the wheel at a live casino, and eventually guess on which number the wheel is going to stop. This strategy is very famous, and it’s used by many at country fairs or carnivals. The fun thing about this legend is that it is shown to be true sometimes. However, it’s hard to exploit this. The whole trickery here relies on the human factor — the idea is that a croupier, no matter how professional, dedicated, or experienced, is going to eventually “fall” into a mode of the same pace. So this “technique” of beating the wheel of fortune actually can have some truth, some logic behind it. It’s entirely possible that a croupier can eventually, unknowingly, start to spin the wheel at the same speed.

But Can You Outsmart It?

However, since croupiers are trained to reduce this human factor as much as possible, it’s not that smart to bet on their mistake. But you can try to use one age-old betting system here — place large bets on fields with smaller rewards, rather than small bets on fields with large prizes. Experienced gamblers believe that this technique will bring you serious cash in the long run, after many spins. Since the chances of getting 1:1 bet are pretty high, by always betting on the fields with these odds, you can earn a lot of money after multiple bets. However, you don’t need some special techniques to enjoy the Wheel of Fortune! The game is fun as it is, it offers huge prices and a lot of excitement. S, you can just bet some money, let the wheel spin, let go, and enjoy yourself.

Final Words

Let’s bring the final verdict. Which gambling wheel game is better, which one can bring you more money? Well, these questions are not that easy to answer since both games offer very high rewards and a lot of fun. Now, if we base our answer on maths, we are going to say that Wheel of Fortune is better, since your odds of winning something, anything, are pretty high for a game of chance. Strategic betting on fields that have 1:1 odds can bring serious cash in the long run. However, if you are lucky enough, betting on fields with a Joker symbol or a casino logo can cash out as much as 40x or 45x your initial wager! Of course, betting on these fields is extremely risky, that goes without saying.

However, if we base our answer on something more than statistics and cold math, something like the quality of experience, we will say that Roulette is better. Winning in Roulette is not easy. It doesn’t frequently happen that someone leaves a roulette table with a pocket full of chips. However, the whole experience of playing a game of Roulette in a real casino is extraordinary and quite unmatchable with other wheel gambling games. After all, Roulette is a game that James Bond himself loves to play.